A playful and safe introduction to improvised theater, in English.

For those with little or no experience with drama or theater


The weekend of

September 29.-30.


Saturday 10:00-15:00 and

Sunday 11:00 - 16:00


Borggata 7, Kulturstedet

0650 Oslo​ (Tøyen)


The weekend intensive is only 900,- NOK for both days

Improv theater is super fun and something everyone can learn!

No prior theater or drama experience needed, the beginners class is suitable for all regardless og age or experience.


The goal of the course is to provide a fun and playful introduction to improvised theater, in a safe and inclusive way! No one will be forced on stage to perform in front of the other participants.

This is a weekend intensive, spanning Saturday and Sunday. You'll be introduced to the basic tools of improv through fun and active games and exercises, tools that'll allow you to create entertaining, sad and magical scenes with others.

The intensive is from 18 years and up. Limited number of seats.

The course is tought by Terje Brevik from Tøyen Impro. Terje have a lot of experience from improvised theater and loves teaching and performing improv in Norway and abroad.


Terje is also the artistic director of Impro Neuf, Norways largest and most inclusive improv community. He has a Bachelor's in drama pedagogy, and a Bachelor's in IT that e doesn't use much.


His improv training comes from Keith Johnstone, at the Loose Moose Theater in Calgary. the iO Theater and the Annoyance in Chicago, Finest City Improv in San Diego and Det Andre Teatret in Oslo.

“Terje taught us the most important thing in improv:

if you're having fun, the audience also will!


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