The Second City, Comedy Sportz and iO theater Chicago

Tøyen Impro proudly presents guest teacher Jonny Nelson from Second City and Comedy Sportz Chicago! 


This is Jonny's first time visiting Norway and he'll be teaching two 5 hour workshops: 


Workshop 1: Who are you? Who, who? Who, who?


Ever stuck as to what to do or talk about in a scene? This workshop focuses on developing the "who" as the answer to that problem. When you know the template of the character, your wants, point of view, and who you are, then you will no longer feel lost trying to "figure  the scene out".


This workshop teaches you to focus on developing strong characters as a way to navigate scene work.

Saturday June 15th
10am - 3 pm (10:00 - 15:00), break included.

Workshop 2: Sooooo Emo


This workshop teaches you how to use emotion as the "magic bullet" to finding your scene. Stop talking about things that don't matter while desperately trying to come up with a joke. Instead learn how to create compelling well acted scenes that utilize emotion to raise the stakes, heighten the comedy, cause the audience to invest, and guide your choices.


Learn to play with emotion to help you find the arch of your scene.

Sunday June 16th
11am - 4 pm (11:00 - 16:00), break included.

Price per workshop: 800 NOK

Student experience level both workshops: Intermediate, Advanced. 

This is equal to Impro Nivå 2 and up.

(Please contact us if you're unsure about your experience level)

For more information about this great teacher and performer go to

NB: We've just implemented a new payment solution. Please email if you're having trouble booking your workshop


Ingenting å booke for øyeblikket
Ingenting å booke for øyeblikket

“If everyone took one improv class,

the world would be a better place!”

Jay Sukow

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