Hi! My name is Terje Brevik and I'm an improviser from Norway. My name is pronounced almost like the dog Terrier but without the last letter. 

Currently I'm running MindMeld, a company doing Applied Improv for corporate or organizational teams who wants to get better at collaboration, communication and creativity. My teaching education comes from my Bachelors of Drama and theater communication (drama pedagogy), as well as teaching a lot at Impro Neuf, various organizations, festivals, and my most challenging experience so far, a week-long improv course at a summer camp for young adults with mental health issues. I also coach improv teams in Oslo.


I've been teaching improv in Norway and abroad for the last four years, and performing for the last six years. This year I've been teaching in San Diego at the SDIF 2018, Lausanne Switzerland and I'm going to Riga and Germany later this fall.

It's hard to describe one's own teaching style, but my main focus is always to create a safe environment for the group by building trust. When trust have been established the participants are able to explore, celebrate failure and learn (especially when it comes to beginners). I teach both longform and shortform. I do my best to adapt my teachings to the needs and wishes of the group as well doing my best to take care of the individual.

Maybe it's easier to describe what kind of teacher I'm not: I'm not going to yell at anyone. I'm not going to call anyone stupid. I will insist that everyone take care of their partner. I will not tolerate inappropriate behavior.

Depending on the goal of the workshop I like to mix it up a bit during a workshop, meaning: to avoid extended sitting or standing I try to add in some more physical stuff, to keep up the energy and focus of the group

My improv resume is as follows

Artistic Director of Impro Neuf

Artistic Director of Impro Neuf is Norway's largest and most inclusive improv community.


We have two weekly shows and two weekly workshops in Norwegian and English. We're also the host of the international Oslo Impro Festival and A Curious Improv Comedy Festival in the Night-Time.

Impro Neuf was founded from an initiative by Terje Brevik, who have since been the AD and leader of the Impro Neuf board

Founder of Tøyen Impro

Founder of Tøyen Impro, built the curriculum for all levels.


Tøyen Impro offers classes and intensives to everyone who wants to learn improvised theater in a fun and safe way, regardless of experience and background.

Founder of MindMeld

Founder of MindMeld, a company that helps identify and train those skills that make individuals, companies and organisations work better together, using tools from improvised theater (aplied impro)

Founder of the Oslo Impro Festival

Founder of the Oslo Impro Festival, which had it's first year in 2017. 21 teams from various countries, 7 shows, a 12 hour marathon and workshops featuring Stacey Smith, Craig Uhlir and Shawn Kinley

My main training curriculum:

  • The Annoyance Summer Intensive 2018 (AP1 - AP5) 

    • With Julia Morales, Charley Carrol, Mick Napier, Lilly Allison, Jimmy Pennington and Bob Fisher​

  • The Annoyance Summer Intensive Part 2 2018

    • With Christy Bonstell, Jimmy Pennington, Mick Napier, Bob Fisher, Lilly Allison and Charley Carroll.​

  • The Annoyance Summer Intensive 2017

    • With Mark Sutton, Charley Carrol, Mick Napier, Lilly Allison, Sam Locke (puppetry), Susan Messing and Bob Fisher​

  • The iO Theater Summer Intensive Advanced 2017 (2 weeks)

    • With Tara DeFrancisco and Matt higbee

  • Hemsedal Clowning School 2016 (6 days)

    • With ​Patrick van den Boom

  • The iO Theater Summer Intensive in Chicago 2015 (5 weeks)

    • With Tara DeFrancisco, Bill Arnett, Matt Higbee, Steve Waltien.

  • Ten Days with Keith Johnstone in 2015, 2016 and 2017 in beautiful Denmark (30 days)

    • With Keith Johnstone and Steen Haakon Hansen​

  • The Loose Moose International Summer School in Calgary 2014 (10 days)

    • With Shawn Kinley and Dennis Cahilll

  • Trance mask course, Calgary 2014 (5 days)

    • With Steve Jarand​

  • Actor brain vs. Writer brain (5 days)

    • With Will Hines​

  • Thinking big and small at the same time (5 days)

    • With Steve Waltien​

  • All available levels here in Oslo

  • Various workshops with T.J. Mannix, Rolland Lopez, Nelson Velazquez, Rich Baker, Micah Philbrook, Thomas Mook, Craig Uhlir, Rafe Chase, Regina Saisi, Megan Gray, Chet Siegel, Fena Ortalli, Tim Orr, Elena Skopetos, Jeff Michalski, Jay Sukow, Kim Howard Johnson, Dina Facklis, Adal Rifai and more.

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