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February 2020!

World-renowned improv teacher, performer, actor and writer Will Hines from LA's Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) theater is coming to Oslo! Will wrote the book on improv. Then he co-wrote the next one with Billy Merrit!

This is an unique opportunity to learn from one of the best, as this is Will's first visit to Norway, ever!


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Tuesday Feb. 4th: Pirate Robot Ninja


Improv pulls you in two ways. On one hand, you have to be very present: going with the flow, fleshing out the reality around you in an effortless way. On the other hand, you must think a bit ahead, and force unusual things to be bigger than they'd ever be in real life.


You must create a reality that seems real, but have absurd things happen quickly. We can think of this duality as PIRATE and ROBOT.

The PIRATE is the actor: present, earthy, real, and fun. The ROBOT is writer: finding patterns, repeating, heightening absurdity. Learn to appreciate both natures and have them work together. When you can switch effortless between PIRATE and ROBOT, you have become: the NINJA. 

Will Hines co-wrote the book "Pirate, Robot, Ninja: An Improv Fable" with Billy Merritt, come find out what it's all about!


Workshop details:
Date: Tuesday February 4th 2020.
Time: 17:00 - 21:00 (5 - 9 pm), 4 hours
Price: 790 NOK
Limited spots available.

Thursday Feb. 6th: Premise Initiations


Some improv scenes take a while to get going. Two actors take seats, look around, do a little object work -- really feel it out. This can be great... but it can sometimes just never get going. 

Let's try an approach where we start with an unusual thing right away!


We use an opening, and we craft --- yes, craft -- the start of the scene to get us started in a comedic situation immediately. After that, we switch back into fully improvised mindset to explore what we've created. A great approach when you have an impatient audience, new to long-form improv.

Workshop details:
Date: Thursday February 6th 2020.
Time: 17:00 - 21:00 (5 - 9 pm), 4 hours
Price: 790 NOK
Limited spots available.

Friday Feb. 7th: The Samurai


There are certain habits in improv that are always fun, and also generally good for the scene. Great object work, being very specific, changing your emotions, repeating a pattern. Well, let's force ourselves to do these things more often... and turn it in to a game!


Using playing cards, you will reward each other for doing specific improv tasks. Sometimes you are the person doing the tasks (samurai) and sometimes you are giving the rewards (master). Work your improv muscles and appreciate some new skills that will always help your scenes.


It's a not a competition, but you do win points.

Workshop details:
Date: Friday February 7th 2020.
Time: 17:00 - 21:00 (5 - 9 pm), 4 hours
Price: 790 NOK
Limited spots available.

Saturday - Sunday: Master Class Monologue Show

It's one of the most popular types of a long-form show: someone tells a true story, and then a group of improvisers do scenes. But what can look simple takes skill. 


Let's focus on getting very good at this form. Part of this is the advanced skill of premise improv: starting your scenes with an idea. But we also have to explore playing characters from the story. 


We will also make sure to take only one unusual idea at a time, rather than cramming every part of the story into a scene. We will explore the various ways to support the scenes once they get going. And we also learn about "analogous scenes" -- where we create a situation different from the story, but that is obviously using the same type of unusual events.


Taken all together, a good monologue show forces improvisers to use many advanced comedic skills at once --- all wrapped up in a show that audiences love. This is the format of show used at UCB's ASSSSCAT, or at iO's Armando. Let's get great at it!

Workshop details:
Date: Saturday February 8th and Sunday February 9th 2020.
Time: Saturday: 10:00 - 15:00 (10 am - 3 pm), Sunday: 11:00 - 16:00 (11 am - 4 pm)
Price: 1750 NOK
Limited spots available.


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